The Changing Expectations of Consumers

It’s 2016, and the internet has taken over as the preferred medium for shoppers everywhere.

Amazon has grown 20% each quarter for as long as anyone can remember, and silicon valley millionaires are minted daily. What does this mean for the personalization and awards industry? It means it’s time to understand and meet the needs and expectations of the modern consumer. It’s time to provide a simple, easy shopping experience instead the same old experience everyone has used for the last 20 years. And—it’s time to give your customers what they want.

Here’s a list of things your customers probably don’t want and don’t have time to do:

  • browse through a 700 page catalog of trophy and award components
  • spend time wondering if the components they like will work together
  • wondering how much everything will cost—and waiting for your estimates every time they make a change
  • mentally visualizing how an award will look when it’s finally completed by your shop
  • wondering if the artwork they have will be approved
  • approving artwork and minor changes via long email chains

So What Does the Modern Consumer Want?

What do your customers want? You probably already know that too. They want a professional to guide them through their purchase. They want someone they trust to give them recommendations and take their ideas and budget and create something that is memorable and unique.

They also want things to be easy.

They want things to be simple.

They want things to be fast.

They want things to be communicated clearly.

They want to be able to get things done on their mobile devices—no matter where they are.

We think the “marketing materials” currently offered aren’t solving these problems. And that’s why Awardsly is here—to help you help your customers.

Selling 500 trophies to the administrator of a baseball tournaments?

Create a quick, customizable catalog that shows your customer their options in simple, plain, easy to understand language. Allow your customers to enter their budget, “in hands date”, and quantity needs and quickly filter through the available options–leaving that 800 product catalog where it belongs (on the shelf in the back of your shop).

Don’t Overwhelm Customers With Choices

Everyone loves variety. But too many choice can actually increase the stress level of your prospects. Take this study from Robert Cialdini’s seminal work on persuasion:

Customers were given too sets of choices of ice cream flavors. One set contained 3 choices, one set contained 29 choices. Customers that were shown the set of 29 choices took longer to make decisions, and frequently made no purchase at all, and frequently felt buyers remorse after making a decision—one of those other 29 choices might be better! Customers given 3 choices quickly purchased, purchased more (and more often), and were more likely to be satisfied with their purchase.

Why? Because the human mind can only consume minimal amounts of information at one time. The canonical example of this is the phone number—it’s ten digits long because our brains have a hard time remember strings of numbers or letters that are more than 10 digits.

How Can Awardsly Help

That’s why we’re designed your eCommerce shop to act as a digital catalog, with all the filters your customer needs to find what their looking for, fast.

That’s why we’ve made your website into a easy to use sales tool that (when combined with your experience and expertise) helps customers find what they need fast and from any device, any where.