Our Story

After a bad experience with a local awards retailer we wondered out loud if we could move the experience online—and if anyone was already offering the experience we envisioned. What we found were a handful of companies that seemed to be doing well—but they were utilizing old technologies, they didn’t value design, and they didn’t measure up to our expectations. That caused me to design and build Trophy Monk, an eCommerce store that sold trophies and awards.

Trophy Monk Logo
the original TrophyMonk logo design

In the process I learned just how many obstacles there are if you want to build an eCommerce website in this industry. Hundreds of suppliers, tens of thousands of products and components. I thought everyone must share this problem, and I knew how important it was for local, brick-and-mortar businesses to create a professional online shop that gives customers what they need when they want. So I decided to use everything I learned building my own eCommerce shop to help others get retailers get started online.

Trophy Monk Website
our eCommerce website


Our mission is to empower small business owners in the personalization, promotional products, and awards industries to connect with new customers. As you can see below, the benefits our product offers will help us achieve that mission.

  • Expand local reach using accountable digital marketing
  • Increase profits by improving retention and referral rates
  • Build a professional, mobile, eCommerce store & sales tool
  • Streamline management of purchasing, quoting, inventory, customers, invoicing, etc.

We want to empower the smallest awards and personalization distributors to utilize technology and processes to better their lives, their businesses and their customer experience.

Without an online presence (and the ability to meet customer expectations) local brick and mortar retailers are losing market share to larger online players causing a consolidation of retailers and minimizing end-user choices. This product will allow the smallest retailers to utilize the same digital and local marketing techniques as the market leaders, allowing them to do more with less, and keep their prices and turnaround time competitive.


Awardsly will be the #1 provider of business software and marketing tools to the broader personalization, promo products and awards industries. Awardsly will serve small businesses across the globe—powering their growth, streamlining their operations, and connecting them with new customers.


We like to have fun. We’re passionate about building technology that powers small businesses all over the world. We believe in undying pursuit of perfection—knowing full well that we may never reach that admirable place, but in the process we’ll catch greatness. We believe in getting just a little bit better every day. We’re building a remote team and need your help. Check out our careers page.